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Solar Tracking System

single axis solar tracker System

Solar Tracking System

The Single Axis Solar Tracker System, powered by Arduino, servo motor, and an LCD display for voltage monitoring, is designed to enhance the efficiency of solar panels by automatically adjusting their position to track the sun's movement in a single axis.

Arduino serves as the control unit, receiving data from light sensors or a real-time clock to determine the sun's position. Based on this information, the Arduino sends commands to the servo motor, which adjusts the solar panel's tilt angle.

The servo motor moves the solar panel throughout the day, ensuring that it remains perpendicular to the sun's rays for maximum sunlight exposure. This tracking mechanism optimizes energy generation by capturing the most sunlight possible.

The addition of an LCD display allows for real-time voltage monitoring. It displays the solar panel's output voltage, providing useful information on its performance and allowing for monitoring and troubleshooting.

By implementing the Single Axis Solar Tracker System, solar panel owners can significantly improve their energy production, leading to increased efficiency and reduced reliance on grid electricity. The integration of Arduino, servo motor, and an LCD display ensures precise solar tracking and facilitates monitoring of the system's performance.

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