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AR Electro Projects

Solar based Electrical Projects

The following projects are solar-based which are most important in our daily life

  1. Monitoring and Measurement of PV Panels and Solar Energy

  2. Solar Inverter Design for Homes

  3. Auto Irrigation System Powered by Solar

  4. Solar Panel Tracking by Sun with Atmega328 Microcontroller

  5. Solar Water Heating System using Microcontroller

  6. Measurement System for Solar Energy

  7. Wireless Solar Charger

  8. Monitoring System for Water Quality using Solar

  9. Fire Detection in Forest using Solar Powered

Solar Panel Cleaning

Automation based Electrical Projects

Automation projects mainly reduce the involvement of humans. So the list of
automation project ideas for electrical engineering students is listed below. 

  1. Home Automation using Microcontroller ATMEGA328

  2. GSM based Home Automation

  3. Home Automation Controlling by Voice

  4. Home automation project using Wi-Fi ESP8266 

Home Automation , IoT

Motor based Electrical Projects

Electrical projects for engineering students based on motors are listed below

  1. Low Voltage Motors Protection using Microcontroller.

  2. Voice control Car. (wheel chair)

  3. Ac motor Speed Control with RPM monitoring.

  4. DC motor Protection (voltage, current, temperature)

  5. Induction Motor Protection System.(1- phase or 3-phase)

  6. Induction Motor Continuous Monitoring system.

  7. Star Delta starter with Display and Adjustable delay timer.

  8. Android-based Speed Control of Induction Motor.

  9. Speed Control of BLDC Motor through with Display.

  10. Fault Detection in Induction Motor by using microcontroller


Electronics based Electrical Projects

The list of power electronics projects for electrical engineering students are listed below. 

  1. RLC Meter

  2. iot based Health monitoring Kit.

  3. Power Factor Meter based on Microcontroller

  4. Fingerprint Lock for AC and DC Motor

  5. GSM Based Alcohol detector with Engine lock system

  6. Smart Blind Strick (with GPS and GSM technology)

  7. Humidity And Temperature Controller for incubator

  8. IOT based smart Refrigerator

  9. Air quality monitoring​

  10. Iot based automatic water bottle filling machine

Electronic Chip

Sensor-based Electrical Projects for Engineering Students

The Sensor-based projects for electrical engineering students are listed below

  1. Fire detecting and fighting robot car

  2. IOT based Wireless water level indicator

  3. IOT based health monitoring system

  4. IOT based Garbage Monitoring

  5. IOT based Air pollution monitoring System

  6. Wireless Notice board using GSM and Arduino

  7. Gesture control car

  8. Temperature Control System in Industry

  9. Colour Sorter machine

  10. Overload Alert System in Automatic Elevator with Microcontroller

  11. Detection of Fire & Gas for Industrial & Home Safety

  12. Prepaid Energy Meter with IOT based Load control

  13. Line following Robot

  14. Robotic Vehicle Sensed by Ultrasonic Obstacle

  15. Speed Controlling of BLDC Motor by iot mobile App.

  16. Speed Limit Violation Detecting on Highways

  17. Controlling of Liquid Level through Ultrasonic Sensor

  18. IR Sensor-based Contactless Tachometer​

sensor , Power Electronics
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