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Dual axis solar tracking system

Dual axis solar tracking system Using Arduino

Dual axis solar tracking system

The Dual Axis Solar Tracking System, implemented using Arduino and servo motors, is a mechanism designed to optimize solar panel efficiency by automatically aligning them with the sun's position throughout the day. This system tracks the sun's movement in both the horizontal and vertical axes, maximizing solar energy generation.

Arduino, acting as the control unit, receives input from sensors that detect the sun's position. Based on this information, the Arduino sends signals to the servo motors, which adjust the position of the solar panels accordingly.

The servo motors move the solar panels in real-time to face the sun, ensuring that they receive maximum sunlight exposure. This tracking mechanism allows the solar panels to capture sunlight at optimal angles, significantly increasing their energy output.

By implementing the Dual Axis Solar Tracking System, solar panel owners can achieve higher energy yields and enhance the overall performance of their solar installations. This system maximizes the utilization of available sunlight, ultimately leading to improved efficiency and greater cost-effectiveness of solar power generation.

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