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Automatic street light system

Automatic street light system Based on solar.

Automatic street light system

The Automatic Street Light System based on solar power, utilizing Arduino technology, is a sustainable and energy-efficient solution for street lighting. This system is designed to automatically control the street lights based on ambient light conditions using solar energy.

Arduino, serving as the control unit, receives input from sensors that measure the ambient light levels. When the natural light falls below a certain threshold, indicating darkness, the Arduino triggers the street lights to turn on. As the natural light levels increase, the Arduino switches off the street lights.

The solar panels integrated into the system harness solar energy during the day and store it in batteries. This stored energy powers the street lights during the night, eliminating the need for grid electricity and reducing energy consumption.

The Automatic Street Light System ensures efficient and cost-effective lighting, as it only operates when required. It promotes sustainability by utilizing renewable energy and reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional street lighting systems.

By implementing this system, municipalities and organizations can achieve significant energy savings, enhance safety in public spaces, and contribute to a greener environment by harnessing solar power for street lighting.

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