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LPG Gas leakage Detection

GSM Based Gas leakage Detection

LPG Gas leakage Detection

GSM-based gas leakage detection using Arduino, MQ6 gas sensor, LCD display, relay module, and GSM 900 is a system designed to detect gas leaks and provide real-time alerts via GSM communication. This system ensures prompt detection of gas leaks, enhancing safety in residential or industrial environments.

The MQ6 gas sensor is connected to the Arduino and detects the presence of gases such as LPG, butane, and propane. When gas leakage is detected, the sensor sends a signal to the Arduino.

The Arduino acts as the central control unit and processes the gas sensor data. If the gas concentration exceeds a predefined threshold, the Arduino triggers the relay module. The relay module, in turn, can be connected to an alarm or gas shut-off valve, enabling immediate response to the gas leakage.

The Arduino also controls the GSM module, typically GSM 900, which facilitates communication via SMS or calls. In the event of a gas leak, the Arduino sends an alert message or makes a phone call to predefined numbers, notifying the concerned individuals about the gas leakage incident.

Furthermore, the system incorporates an LCD display to provide real-time gas concentration readings and system status. The LCD display shows the gas levels and any relevant information regarding the gas leakage detection.

By combining the Arduino, MQ6 gas sensor, LCD display, relay module, and GSM communication, this system offers reliable and efficient gas leakage detection. It ensures swift notifications to authorized individuals, allowing them to take appropriate actions such as evacuation, ventilation, or shutting off the gas supply, thereby mitigating potential risks and ensuring the safety of occupants.

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