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DC Motor Protection System

GSM Based Dc Motor protection System

DC Motor Protection System

A GSM-based DC motor voltage, current, and temperature protection system using a DC voltage sensor, ACS712 DC current sensor, DS18B20 temperature sensor, and GSM 900 module is designed to monitor and protect a DC motor from abnormal operating conditions. This system ensures timely alerts and prevents potential damage to the motor.

The DC voltage sensor is used to measure the voltage level of the motor. If the voltage exceeds a predetermined threshold or drops below a certain value, it indicates a fault condition. The ACS712 DC current sensor measures the current flowing through the motor, allowing detection of overcurrent or undercurrent situations. The DS18B20 temperature sensor monitors the motor temperature.

The Arduino, acting as the control unit, receives data from these sensors and continuously monitors the motor's voltage, current, and temperature. If any of these parameters exceed safe limits, the Arduino triggers the GSM 900 module.

The GSM module enables communication via SMS or calls. In case of a fault condition, the Arduino sends an alert message or makes a phone call to designated numbers, notifying them about the motor's abnormal condition. This enables timely action to be taken, such as shutting down the motor, investigating the issue, or initiating maintenance procedures.

The system provides real-time monitoring through the Arduino's interface and can also store historical data for analysis and troubleshooting. By combining the sensors, Arduino, and GSM communication, this system ensures motor protection and minimizes the risk of damage due to voltage fluctuations, current abnormalities, or excessive temperature.

Overall, the GSM-based DC motor protection system with voltage, current, and temperature monitoring offers enhanced safety and reliability in various applications where DC motors are used.

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