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Automatic Traffic light

Automatic Traffic light with Speed Breaker

Automatic Traffic light

An automatic traffic light with an automatic speed breaker gate using Arduino is a system designed to regulate traffic flow and enhance road safety. This system combines an Arduino microcontroller, sensors, traffic lights, and a speed breaker gate mechanism.

The Arduino serves as the control unit and receives inputs from various sensors, such as vehicle presence sensors and speed sensors. The vehicle presence sensors detect the presence of vehicles at different junctions or intersections, while the speed sensors measure the speed of approaching vehicles.

Based on the inputs received, the Arduino determines the appropriate traffic light sequence. It controls the timing and synchronization of the traffic lights to ensure smooth traffic flow and minimize congestion. The Arduino also considers the priority of different directions based on traffic density and implements the necessary adjustments.

In addition to the traffic lights, the system incorporates an automatic speed breaker gate. This gate is placed at a suitable distance from the traffic light junction and is activated based on the speed of approaching vehicles. The speed sensors provide real-time speed data to the Arduino, which triggers the opening or closing of the speed breaker gate accordingly. If a vehicle is detected exceeding a safe speed limit, the gate is activated to slow down or halt the vehicle, preventing accidents or violations.

The Arduino also monitors and coordinates the synchronization between the traffic lights and the speed breaker gate, ensuring a seamless and safe transition for vehicles passing through the junction.

Overall, this system utilizing Arduino technology provides an intelligent and automated solution for traffic management and safety. It promotes efficient traffic flow, reduces accidents, and enhances road safety by integrating automatic traffic lights with an automatic speed breaker gate.

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