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EV wireless Charging using Solar

Solar Based Wireless EV Charging System

 EV wireless Charging  using Solar

Today, there are steadily more electric vehicles on the road. Electric vehicles have proven effective in reducing travel costs by switching from fuel to electricity, which is much less expensive, in addition to the environmental benefits. The major objective is to charge more for utilizing the car for a longer period. The charging system for electric vehicles (EVs) is generally conductive. The EV is charged after the car is linked to a charging station however, charging a car at a charging station takes longer. As technology develops, wireless charging is being introduced. Inductive EV charging does not involve any wires. The proposed method demonstrates how electric vehicles can be charged while in motion without the need for the vehicle to pull over for refueling. The charging mechanism is powered by solar energy, thus there is no need for an additional power source. The system’s development involves the usage of solar panels, batteries, transformers, regulator circuits, copper coils, AC-to-DC converters, Atmega328p controllers, and LCDs.

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