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Transformer Monitoring Protection System.

IOT Based Transformer Monitoring And Protection System.

Transformer  Monitoring Protection System.

Here this document presents design and implementation of a mobile embedded system to measure load currents, over voltage, transformer oil level and oil temperature. This is implemented by using on-line measuring system using Internet of Things (IOT),with single chip Arduino microcontroller and sensors. It is installed at the distribution transformer site. The output values of sensors are processed and recorded in the system memory. System programmed with some predefined instructions to check abnormal conditions. If there is any abnormality on the system, details are automatically updated in the internet through serial communication. This Internet of Things (IOT) will help the utilities to optimally utilize transformers and identify problems before any catastrophic failure occurs. Thus online-measuring system is used to collect and analyze temperature data over time. So Transformer Health Measuring will help to identify or recognize unexpected situations before any serious failure which leads to agreater reliability and significant cost savings.
it has Parameter Monitoring Like,
Voltage , Current , Temperature , Oil Level.
All parameter easily monitoring in below Application .it is open source free Application

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