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Patient Health Monitoring System

IoT Based Patient Health Monitoring System.

Patient Health Monitoring System

Healthcare technology is very popular in this pandemic situation because of coronavirus. Actually, health care technology is rapidly being revolutionized with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT). Monitoring the health status of a covid patient is a hard task because of our busy schedule and our daily work. Mostly, the elderly covid patients should be monitored periodically. So I thought to make an innovative system in this lockdown to automate the task. This device uses an ESP32 web server to track patient health using this monitoring system. Hence, patient health parameters such as body temperature, heart rate (BPM), blood oxygen levels (Sp02) as well as room temperature and humidity can be monitored from any device (like Smartphone, PC, Laptop, Smart TV,.) That support browsing capabilities.

In this project, we will learn how to build an ESP32 based Patient Health Monitoring System. To measure Heart Rate/Pulse (BPM) and Blood Oxygen Level (SpO2), we use the MAX30100 pulse oximeter sensor. Similarly, to measure body temperature, we use the DS18B20 temperature sensor. Meanwhile, the patient is inside the room. So we need to monitor room temperature and humidity level as well. We should keep them in a room with a certain temperature and humidity level to not feel uncomfortable. Hence, we use the DHT22 Temperature & Humidity sensor.

Additionally, we have NodeMCU based IoT Health Monitoring webserver which will monitor your patients.

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